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[Spoiler] Witcher 3 - Quest Story Order

Hi, I've spent the past few days constructing a quest order for the entire of the Witcher 3 (including Hearts of Stone, but NOT Blood and Wine).
I am sure many of you will be wondering as to the point of it all, but for me I really enjoy creating the "best" narrative in my games. I especially hate going back and forth across an area. This guide is designed to help ensure that you never feel like you are skipping or ignoring quests.
It isn't perfect, and if you have any suggestions please say so.
I have also missed some quests on purpose, as they are quite out of the way, and I think it would be unnecessary to add quests which are very much found via exploration. The quests included account for 90% of the game, and are ones found along the main routes of the game.
EDIT: Updated Skellige.
EDIT 2: More Quests added. Racing/Fighting/Gwent Quests added. Unmarked Quests added.
EDIT 3: Added Completion check boxes for those who may wish to print this etc...
NOTES: This Quest guide advises as to when Quests should be begun, not to when they should be completed. This is due to some Quest objectives being spread over a large geographic area.
Furthermore, the order is chosen based on my own preferences for the most logical story. As such, some quests require previous quests to be completed before they will become available.
*Quest is connected to the one above.
**Quest continuation marker.
Quest KEY:
M = Main Quest [Also in BOLD]
S = Secondary Quest
C = Witcher Contract
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Kaer Morhen Kaer Morhen M(-) [__]
Lilac and Gooseberries White Orchard M(-) [__]
Twisted Firestarter White Orchard S(-) [__]
A Frying Pan, Spick and Span White Orchard S(-) [__]
The Beast of White Orchard White Orchard M(3) [__]
Precious Cargo White Orchard S(-) [__]
Contract: Devil by the Well White Orchard C(2) [__]
Missing in Action White Orchard S(-) [__]
The Incident at White Orchard White Orchard M(2) [__]
Imperial Audience Vizima M(2) [__]
Act I
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Funeral Pyres Murbydale S(3) [__]
Bitter Harvest Pontar Border Post S(9) [__]
Man's Best Friend Northeast of Inn at the Crossroads S(-) [__]
At the Mercy of Strangers Greyrocks S(-) [__]
The Nilfgaardian Connection Heatherton M(5) [__]
Wild at Heart Blackbough S(7) [__]
Defender of the Faith South of Blackbough S(10) [__]
Bloody Baron Crow's Perch M(6) [__]
Family Matters Crow's Perch M(6) [__]
* Ciri's Room Crow's Perch S(5) [__]
* Princess in Distress Blackbough M(5) [__]
Master Armorers Crow's Perch S(24) [__]
Contract: Shrieker Crow's Perch C(8) [__]
Face Me if You Dare! South of Crow's Perch S(25) [__]
The Volunteer White Eagle Fort S(13) [__]
Death by Fire NorthWest of Codger's Quarry S(10) [__]
Lynch Mob Hangman's Alley S(7) [__]
Hunting a Witch Midcopse M(5) [__]
Wandering in the Dark The Mire M(6) [__]
* Magic Lamp The Mire S(6) [__]
Love Cruel Snares? Condyle S(10) [__]
Last Rites Blackbough S(9) [__]
Contract: Jenny O' the Woods Midcopse C(10) [__]
An Invitation of Keira Metz Midcopse S(6) [__]
* A Towerful of Mice Fyke Isle S(6) [__]
Forefathers' Eve Fyke Isle S(7) [__]
A Favor for a Friend Midcopse S(6) [__]
* For the Advancement of Learning Fyke Isle S(8) [__]
A Greedy God Wastrel Manor S(7) [__]
Highwayman's Cache East of Boatmakers' Hut S(-) [__]
A Dog's Life South of Boatmakers' Hut S(5) [__]
Contract: The Merry Widow Lidenvale C(10) [__]
The Fall of the House of Reardon Lidenvale S(6) [__]
* Ghosts of the Past Reardon Manor S(6) [__]
Hazardous Goods East of Lidenvale S(-) [__]
Fools' Gold Lurtch S(6) [__]
Ladies of the Wood Crookback Bog M(6) [__]
The Whispering Hillock Crossroads M(5) [__]
** Forefathers' Eve Crookback Bog S(7) [__]
Contract: Swamp Thing Crookback Bog C(12) [__]
Return to Crookback Bog Downwarren S(9) [__]
Witcher Wannabe Lidenvale S(10) [__]
Contract: Woodland Beast Pontar Border Post C(6) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Contract: The White Lady Drahim Castle C(16) [__]
Pyres of Novigrad Novigrad M(10) [__]
Novigrad Dreaming Novigrad M(7) [__]
* Haunted House Novigrad S(7) [__]
Broken Flowers Novigrad M(11) [__]
Message from an Old Driend Hierarch Square (Book Store) S(-) [__]
Contract: An Elusive Thief Tretogor Gate C(13) [__]
** Face Me if You Dare! (Contd) South of Tretogor Gate S(25) [__]
Following the Thread Novigrad S(11) [__]
Contract: Deadly Delights Canal Bridge C(15) [__]
Black Pearl Harborside S(13) [__]
Get Junior Novigrad M(12) [__]
* Honor Among Thieves Whoreson Junior's Casino S(9) [__]
* The Gangs of Novigrad Novigrad S(9) [__]
Empty Coop East of Honeyfill Meadworks S(-) [__]
A Barnful of Trouble Carsten S(11) [__]
** Get Junior (Contd) Temerian Hideout M(12) [__]
** Get Junior (Contd) Oxenfurt M(12) [__]
A Favor for Radovid Oxenfurt M(9) [__]
Redania's Most Wanted Est Tayiar S(12) [__]
An Eye for an Eye Temerian Hideout S(12) [__]
Novigrad Hospitality Novigrad-Oxenfurt Road S(12) [__]
Spooked Mare Novigrad-Oxenfurt Road S(12) [__]
Fencing Lessons Var Attre Villa S(12) [__]
The Flame of Hatred Novigrad S(10) [__]
A Feast for Crows The Bits S(20) [__]
Count Reuven's Treasure Novigrad M(12) [__]
Drunken Rabble The Golden Sturgeon S(8) [__]
A Walk on the Waterfront Harborside S(12) [__]
The Play's the Thing Novigrad M(11) [__]
A Poet Under Pressure Novigrad M(13) [__]
Little Red Yantra S(15) [__]
Contract: The Apiarian Phantom Honeyfill Meadworks C(14) [__]
A Dangerous Game Rosemary and Thyme S(12) [__]
Cabaret Rosemary and Thyme S(14) [__]
** Face Me if You Dare! (Contd) Harborside S(25) [__]
Carnal Sins Vilmerius Hospital S(16) [__]
The Nobleman Statuette Novigrad S(14) [__]
The Soldier Statuette Novigrad S(14) [__]
A Matter of Life and Death The Bits S(12) [__]
Of Dairy and Darkness Abandoned Manor S(9) [__]
Novigrad, Closed City I/II Novigrad S(11) [__]
A Tome Entombed Novigrad Sewers S(13) [__]
The Dwarven Document Dilemma Farcorners S(2) [__]
Now or Never Novigrad S(14) [__]
A Deadly Plot Passiflora S(14) [__]
Out On Your Arse! Harborside S(14) [__]
Warhouse of Woe Harborside S(13) [__]
Destination: Skellige Harborside M(16) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
The King is Dead - Long Live the King Kaer Trolde M(16) [__]
Worthy of Trust Kaer Trolde Harbor S(-) [__]
Contract: Muire D'Yaeblen Kaer Trolde C(18) [__]
The Family Blade Kaer Trolde S(15) [__]
Hard Times North of Blandare S(21) [__]
The Sad Tale of the Grossbart Brothers Blandare S(26) [__]
Echoes of the Past Druid's Camp M(17) [__]
Missing Persons Lofoten M(15) [__]
Nameless Freya's Garden M(14) [__]
* In Wolf's Clothing Freya's Garden S(15) [__]
Taken as a Lass Freya's Temple S(25) [__]
For Fame and Glory Larvik S(15) [__]
Contract: Strange Beast Larvik C(16) [__]
The Last Wish Larvik S(15) [__]
** Hard Times (Contd) Kaer Trolde S(21) [__]
Armed Assault SouthEast of Rannvaig S(15) [__]
The Nithing Rannvaig S(14) [__]
Contract: Missing Son Rannvaig C(29) [__]
Possession Spikeroog S(17) [__]
Contract: Here Comes the Groom Spikeroog C(19) [__]
Master of the Arena Spikeroog S(14) [__]
The Path of Warriors An Skellig S(16) [__]
The Tower Outta Nowheres An Skellig S(30) [__]
Finders Keepers Giant's Toe S(24) [__]
Yustianna Disturbed Yustianna's Grotto S(25) [__]
Crime and Punishment North East of Kaer Trolde S(18) [__]
Contract: Missing Miners Blandare C(27) [__]
Contract: In the Heart of the Woods Fayrlund C(22) [__]
Call of the Wild SouthEast of Arinbjorn S(17) [__]
Siren's Call Northwest of Sund S(13) [__]
Contract: The Phantom of Eldberg Arinbjorn C(17) [__]
** Black Pearl (Contd) Arinbjorn S(13) [__]
A Hallowed Horn North of Arinbjorn S(12) [__]
Stranger in a Strange Land Kaer Muire S(14) [__]
The Cave of Dreams Southeast of Kaer Muire S(14) [__]
** A Hallowed Horn (Contd) Kaer Muire S(12) [__]
Farting Trolls Northwest of Kaer Muire S(16) [__]
The Lord of Undvik Undvik S(17) [__]
** Master Armorers (Contd) Undvik S(24) [__]
Iron Maiden Harviken S(19) [__]
The Price of Honor Harviken S(14) [__]
** Following the Thread (Contd) Faroe Isle S(11) [__]
** The Family Blade (Contd) West of Fyresdal S(15) [__]
Contract: Dragon Fyresdal C(28) [__]
Contract: Skellige's Most Wanted Fyresdal C(29) [__]
** The Sad Tale of the Grossbart Brothers (Contd) East of Fyresdal S(26) [__]
Brave Fools Die Young Grymmdjarr Monument S(-) [__]
Woe is Me Palisade S(13) [__]
A Bard's Beloved SouthEast of Druid's Camp S(15) [__]
Peace Disturbed SouthEast of Kaer Trolde S(25) [__]
An Unpaid Debt Kaer Trolde S(15) [__]
King's Gambit Kaer Trolde S(18) [__]
Practicum in Advanced Alchemy Gedyneith S(24) [__]
Shock Therapy Gedyneith S(24) [__]
** The Family Blade (Contd) Whale Graveyard S(15) [__] ****
Adandoned Sawmill SouthWest of Gedyneith S(24) [__]
Armed Assault SouthEast of Rannvaig S(15) [__]
Coronation Gedyneith S(18) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
** Black Pearl (Contd) Harborside S(13) [__]
** Following the Thread (Contd) Novigrad S(11) [__]
Of Swords and Dumplings Glory Lane S(24) [__]
Contract: Doors Slamming Shut Kingfisher Inn C(24) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Contract: Missing Brother Inn at the Crossroads C(33) [__]
** Master Armorers (Contd) Crow's Perch S(24) [__]
Contract: The Griffin from the Highlands Crow's Perch C(24) [__]
Act II
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Ugly Baby Crow's Perch M(19) [__]
Disturbance Kaer Morhen M(-) [__]
The Final Trial Kaer Morhen M(19) [__]
To Bait a Forktail Kaer Morhen M(19) [__]
The Bastion Kaer Morhen S(23) [__]
Monster Slayer Kaer Morhen S(26) [__]
Greenhouse Effect Kaer Morhen S(27) [__]
Berengar's Blade Kaer Morhen S(27) [__]
The Witchers' Forge Kaer Morhen S(30) [__]
No Place Like Home Kaer Morhen M(19) [__]
Va Fail, Elaine Kaer Morhen M(19) [__]
Brothers in Arms: Nilfgaard Vizima M(22) [__]
Blood Ties Nilfgaardian Camp S(12) [__]
Contract: Patrol Gone Missing Nilfgaardian Camp C(7) [__]
The Truth is in the Stars Benek S(-) [__]
Contract: Phantom of the Trade Route Benek C(23) [__]
Contract: Mysterious Tracks Lidenvale C(20) [__]
Contract: The Mystery of the Byways Oreton C(22) [__]
Contract: The Beast of Honorton Oreton C(25) [__]
* Where the Cat and Wolf Play Honorton S(25) [__]
* Take What You Want Honorton S(25) [__]
Contract: The Oxfenfurt Drunk Oxenfurt C(26) [__]
Rough Neighborhood Oxenfurt S(10) [__]
Without a Trace Oxenfurt HoS-S(32) [__]
Contract: The Creature from Oxenfurt Forest Oxenfurt C(35) [__]
Brothers in Arms: Novigrad Temerian Hideout M(22) [__]
Contract: Lord of the Wood Cunny of the Goose C(25) [__]
Brothers in Arms: Novigrad Novigrad M(22) [__]
Brothers in Arms: Skellige Skellige M(22) [__]
The Isle of Mists Undvik M(22) [__]
The Battle of Kaer Morhen Kaer Morhen M(24) [__]
Blood on the Battlefield Kaer Morhen M(20) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Bald Mountain Bald Mountain M(26) [__]
Final Preparations Novigrad M(-) [__]
Blindingly Obvious Novigrad M(28) [__]
Reason of State Novigrad S(30) [__]
Evil's Soft First Touches The Seven Cats HoS-M(32) [__]
Rose on a Red Field Garin Estate HoS-S(33) [__]
Open Sesame! Auction House HoS-M(34) [__]
Avid Collector Auction House HoS-S(34) [__]
Dead Man's Party Brunwich HoS-M(33) [__]
* A Midnight Clear Brunwich HoS-S(33) [__]
Scenes from a Marriage Von Everec Estate HoS-M(35) [__]
Whatsoever a Man Soweth... The Alchemy HoS-M(36) [__]
The Great Escape Novigrad M(28) [__]
Payback Novigrad M(28) [__]
Through Time and Space Novigrad M(26) [__]
Battle Preparations Novigrad M(28) [__]
The Sunstone Skellige M(28) [__]
Child of the Elder Blood Skellige M(31) [__]
Skjall's Grave Hindarsfjall M(28) [__]
Veni Vidi Vigo Skellige M(28) [__]
On Thin Ice Undvik M(30) [__]
Tedd Deireadh, The Final Age Undvik M(30) [__]
Something Ends, Something Begins White Orchard M(30) [__]
Faithful Friend White Orchard S(30) [__]
Exploratory and Unmarked Quests
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Deadly Crossing Troll Bridge S(-) [__]
Highway Robbery Velen S(-) [__]
Harassing a Troll West of Inn at the Crossroads S(-) [__]
Looters I East of Heatherton S(-) [__]
Looters II Codger's Quarry S(-) [__]
Looters III Toderas S(-) [__]
Caravan Attack Northwest of Marauders' Bridge S(-) [__]
Fake Papers Pontar Border Post S(-) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Witch Hunter Raids Farcorners S(16) [__]
Racists of Novigrad Northeast of Tretogor Gate S(7) [__]
Suspicious Shakedown West of Tretogor Gate S(-) [__]
Karmic Justice NorthEast of Tretogor Gate S(8) [__]
Strumpet in Distress Harborside S(-) [__]
Strangers in the Night West of Vegelbud Residence S(-) [__]
A Warm Welcome Southwest of Wheat Fields S(-) [__]
The Price of Passage Oxenfurt S(-) [__]
The Most Truest of Basilisks Northeast of Oxenfurt S(10) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
The Four Faces of Hemdall Northwest of Trottheim S(17) [__]
Farting Trolls Northwest of Kaer Muire S(16) [__]
Misc Quests
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Collect 'Em All World S(-) [__]
Gwent: Playing Innkeeps World S(-) [__]
Gwent: Velen Players Velen S(-) [__]
Gwent: Big City Players Novigrad S(-) [__]
Gwent: Old Pals Novigrad S(-) [__]
High Stakes Passiflore (Novigrad) S(26) [__]
Gwent: Playing Thaler Pontar Border Post/Seven Cats Inn S(-) [__]
Gwent: Skellige Style Skellige S(-) [__]
Horse Races
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Crow's Perch West of Crow's Perch S(-) [__]
The Great Erasmus Vegelbud Memorial Derby Vegelbud Residence S(-) [__]
The Heroes' Pursuits: Fyresdal Fyresdal S(-) [__]
The Heroes' Pursuits: Kaer Trolde Kaer Trolde S(-) [__]
The Heroes' Pursuits: For the Goddess' Glory Larvik S(-) [__]
The Heroes' Pursuits: Fayrlund Fayrlund S(-) [__]
Quest Location Quest Type (Level) Complete
Fists of Fury: Velen Velen S(11) [__]
Fists of Fury: Novigrad Novigrad S(23) [__]
Fists of Fury: Skellige Skellige S(30) [__]
Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions Spikeroog S(11) [__]
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